Youth Leadership Action Camp


The Youth Action Camp enables high school students to gain new perspectives on their lives. It gives participants the tools to become leaders, creative thinkers, and self-aware change-agents in their communities. They experience outdoor living, community building, applied creativity and their own ability to change their environment directly through natural building and ecological restoration. These experiences combined with the people they meet and the friendships they make enrich their lives tremendously.

The camp will take place in August. It will consist of two ten-day sessions serving approximately 16 young people each session. These students will come from culturally and economically diverse backgrounds, including underprivileged bay area youth and more privileged young people from around the country. This experience of diversity in a cooperative community will help participants become aware of more possibilities in their own lives back home.

Participants will camp out on a biodynamic farm about three hours north of San Francisco. They will have access to a redwood grove, a cool swimming pond, a river and the farm itself. The day will consist of a morning warm up, natural building, drama activities and creative journaling. There will also be time for group discussions, healthy meals, and just plain fun. Students will experience both building and theater but will have the chance to specialize in one or the other.

The educational philosophy of the Youth Action Camp is based on Waldorf Education which suggests that, given the right nurturing conditions, each student has the inner ability to grow to their own fullest potential. Using art, hands-on learning, and encouraging self-reflection, we enable students to discover new capacities for themselves.



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