Board of Directors


Art Everywhere was founded by three individuals who were committed to the model of holistic education and positive youth development. In its current form Art Everywhere includes a Board of Directors consisting of eight members. The organization has one Executive Director and a Program Director who jointly manage the Soul Ecology Project, Art Jams and other community activities. Curriculum design and implementation activities are offset by a teaching staff of ten individuals. Art Everywhere is also supported by the efforts of fifteen community volunteers.

Members of the Board

Dennis Klocek, Director, Coros Institute; Director Goethean Studies Program at Rudolf Steiner College.
Bill Camp, Owner, Vital Systems Natural Building.
Leila Basmajian (President), Speech and Drama Therapist, Theater Teacher, Summerfield Waldorf School.
Jesse Osmer (Vice-President), Program Director, Youth Section of the School for Spiritual Science.
Per Eisenman (Secretary/Treasurer), Special Education Teacher, Berkeley High School.
Jeff Barnum, Artist; Director, IDRIART USA
Walter Rice, Owner, Waldorf Travel Company
Katherine King, Administrator, Marin Waldorf School




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