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Art Everywhere was founded by three individuals who were committed to the model of holistic education ad positive youth development. In its current form Art Everywhere includes a Board of Directors consisting of eight members. The organization has one Executive Director and a Program Director who jointly manage the Soul Ecology Project, Art Jams and other community activities. Curriculum design and implementation activities are offset by a teaching staff of ten individuals. Art Everywhere is also supported by the efforts of fifteen community volunteers.


Per Eisenman, Executive Director: Per is a co-founder of Art Everywhere. He has organized conferences and seminars for young people since 1995 and planned events for groups of as many as 250 people. Per has led workshops in dance, arts, communication, group process, self-development and consciousness. He has worked with the Anthroposophical Society and is the Youth Section representative on the Council of the School for Spiritual Science in North America. He co-founded Soul Ecology and is launching the Youth Leaders Action Camp next summer. Per currently teaches special education at Berkeley High School. Per has a Bachelors Degree from Oberlin College, in OH.

Sonia Rickett, Soul Ecology Program Director: Sonia contributed to the visioning of Art Everywhere and joined the organization as a core member soon after its incorporation. Sonia is a co-founder of Soul Ecology Building Capacities for Sustainable Living. She has played an integral role in Soul Ecology, both as an organizer/coordinator (including outreach and publicity, and program design), as well as a key teacher and facilitator (co-designed curriculum and facilitated creative workshops). In the past year Sonia applied the Soul Ecology model to the urban environment of West Oakland for high school students. She is also co-planning and facilitating a Soul Ecology Seminar for persons with special needs. Sonia is the creator and director of the “Soul Ecology Service Practicum:- A Vocational Training Connecting your Heart to your Work”, to be launched in the summer of 2004. Sonia has been teaching in the arts field for 15 years and has a Masters degree in Human Development.

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